We understand that your building project is an important life event, whether it is a home or a building for your business. As builders we pride ourselves in treating everyone's project and budget like it was our very own. Our priority is to deliver high levels of professionalism timeliness, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction through communication, to save you stress and uncertainty of the construction process.

The Phelan Design Builders Process

Design your project

Before starting the building process, our design team meets with you to learn about your ideas, key features, and goals for your project. During these meetings the designers will guide you through making decisions about the foundation and layout of your project, this includes topics like elevation, mechanics, and insulation. In the second part of the meetings, you will discuss the exterior and interior finishes as well as fixtures, everything from roof shingles and siding, to flooring and trim will be covered. Our design team will help make recommendations for every part of your project to accurately bring your vision to life while keeping your budget in mind.

Pre-construction services

At this stage of building process our team assists you in purchasing the land and prepares you for what to expect during construction. Most home building projects can take about 7 months to complete after designing, but as with any building project, the progress is dependent on the weather conditions and the inspections that occur at every building stage. Our team thoroughly goes over the building stages and guides the land purchase to ensure that it meets the requirements and zoning laws for your design. Additionally, they will help determine any additional costs that may arise to connect utility lines to the plot.


As soon as the land has been purchased, construction begins. In the early stages, the site is prepared and then footing, foundation, and framing are completed. After passing inspection, the walls are filled, insulated, and utilities are wired. At this stage, the project is nearly ready, the construction team works to finish the interior, install fixtures, and perfect small details. Once this is done, we complete a final walkthrough in which you determine any changes and add-ons. Once you are happy with the project, we move to the eagerly awaited moment – closing!


Integrity and foresight are two of our core values, that is why we openly communicate about our warranties with our clients to help avoid any financial risks. Our team works with you on going over a clearly defined warranty that covers workmanship, structural and distribution systems. This ensures that both parties are protected in case of unexpected circumstances during the building process.

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Jenny K.

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Martin O.

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Hank S.